Saturday, November 7, 2009


Uric acid can affect anyone, do not view age or common type arising gender.Suspect include: tingling and shooting pain, particularly pain at night or early morning waking, redness, pain extraordinary night and morning, joints affected by uric acid visible swelling.
Rheumatik: for ordinary people the term to describe pain that occurs in muscle tissue, joints and bones of the degree of the most mild to severe.
Uric acid disease part of the disease and both are rheumatik different diseases but the complaints are often the same feeling and the body also attacked same.Increased uric acid caused kidney jobs that can not afford out uric acid through urine.
The cause of uric acid and rheumatik among others: depletion of vulnerable joints is progressive, more advanced age, heredity, obesity, joint injury.
Uric acid solution to overcome: do treatment or taking supplements that diformulasikaan to help reduce levels of uric acid that uric acid levels back down, control of food intake, drink plenty of water to help remove the existing purine in the body


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