Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Position to Can Boys

Reasons relevant to the benefits or purpose of the position variation of sex is to avoid boredom and looking for an effective position for her husband and wife.About gender, boys are XY.From eggs, one woman donated components of X, while the male spermatozoa contain 50% 50% X and Y.
This means that in order to get the boys, who have an egg so that the results of Y spermatozoa XY (male). Can pursued by way of sperm preparation in selecting laboratory.Aim Y spermatozoa and egg cells meet (insemination technique). So far this way the accuracy is better than another way.Spermatozoa manner characterized by relatively small tail and the head is more agile, especially in environments with alkaline PH.One way to make her vagina is alkaline PH multiply eat meat or vegetables because meat contains amino acids, in process will go resulted amine group (NH2) which is alkaline.
But when his wife while not in the fertile period (ovulation), expectations will not be pregnant achieved.Because of aspects of women, at the time produced a fertile egg, egg age for three days.One egg would be fertilized  by a sperm.While that, techniques and sex positions irrelevant to choose certain types of sperm which will fertilize
d.Consideration, did not specify when the egg cell must exit with a simple way (calendar system). It does not affect the sex of the child.


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