Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Menu person with Diabetes

For people with diabetes melitus, manage and plan for eating is one way of maintaining blood glucose levels to remain stable balance between normal.If occur food intake and the body ability needs to process, expected to control blood glucose levels were within the expected normal.Other than that expected available energy for everyday health.
    Recommendations for people with diabetes eat basically the same as those healthy people.Is, balanced nutrition meets four healthy five perfect.But in the menu settings, need to consider ways of life, appetite, eating habits and daily variation.Also, the menu should be easily realized for menu compilation to meet difficult needs.When drafting menu hard to do,planning to eat does not work, eat diet foods adjust their caloric needs by age, weight, nutritional status, activity, gender.Because many factors to consider in determining the calories, the composition of food is usually calculated in percentages,rather than absolute number.Eat schedule at least three main meals, three times a distraction, the composition of a balanced diet of 60-70 percent carbohydrates, 10-15 percent protein, and 20-25 percent fat.
    In the staple food, rice, 100 grams (about seven tablespoons) contains 175 calories, equivalent to 200 grams of potatoes (about two seeds), 200 grams of wet noodles, bread 70 grams (three pieces), havermoot flour 50 grams (five teaspoons) , cassava / sweet potato 125 grams (one piece), crackers 40 grams (six pieces). On the side dishes of animal equivalent to 75 calories a piece of fresh beef, 40 grams, the equivalent of an egg, chicken pieces are, a piece of fish is, knowing two or tofu two pieces were.We can also choose fresh fruits and vegetables with low glycemic.Example baked potatoes, sweet corn, apples, peanuts, soybeans, cassava, bananas, boiled potatoes.


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